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Calvin Klein Men's T-Shirts

Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s T-Shirts

T-shirts have many uses. They can be worn in layers for warmth or just worn alone. Calvin Klein offers T-shirts in a variety of patterns, neck designs, and styles.

What features do men’s Calvin Klein Jeans T-shirts have?

Calvin Klein Jeans offers a wide variety of tees for men. A few of the different features you can find in these shirts include:

  • Sleeves: Calvin Klein T-shirt options include the traditional long sleeves, sleeveless, and short sleeves.
  • Logos: Calvin Klein tees include Calvin Klein logos, multiple designs, and graphics. The logo can be the classic small C, the large CK, or the large K with Calvin Klein written through it. You can also find some with the words Calvin Klein or some of the vintage logos from the past.
  • Necklines: Calvin Klein Jeans T-shirts can be made with a round neck or a V-neck whereas a Calvin Klein polo shirt will have a collar.
  • Material: Calvin Klein mens liquid cotton tees and polos are made from cotton fabric. Other fabrics common in these T-shirts are polyester, nylon, and polyester or nylon blends.
How do you choose a Calvin Klein Jeans T-shirt?

To choose a Calvin Klein Jeans garment consider:

  • Size: Measure yourself to know your size. Sizes range from XS to 5XL. Calvin Klein T-shirts also come in a variety of big and tall sizes, LT to 4XLT, and big 2X to big 5X.
  • Shoulder seams: Seams should align with the end of your shoulders rather than towards your neck or your arm.
  • Shape: You can choose a regularly sized Calvin Klein Jeans shirt to fit loosely or a slim fit to hug your body.
  • Length: The bottom hem should cover the waistband of your pants or even extend a few inches below your waistband.
What styles can you find in Calvin Klein T-shirts?

You can get your T-shirts in many styles, including:

  • Graphic tee: Any T-shirt with a picture or writing on it, such as the Calvin Klein logo, an eagle, or a saying.
  • Embellished tee: This will have some form of pattern on it, whether it is an overall pattern, stripes, or just a logo or a pocket.
  • Henley: This is like a polo shirt without a collar. A Henley can be found with long sleeves or short sleeves and with and without pockets.
  • Tank top: A sleeveless tank shirt that can come with wide or skinny straps, these tank tops can also be embellished or graphic.
  • V-neck: With the V-shaped neck rather than round, this is also available in long or short sleeves and can be a graphic or an embellished tee.
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