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CPU Fans with Heatsink for Socket AM3

Frequently Asked Questions About Socket AM3 CPU Fans with Heatsinks

Keeping your computer running cool can be accomplished in a variety of methods. A central processing unit (CPU) fan with a heatsink is a common method of cooling the computer’s processor that fits over the CPU’s surface.

What types of CPU cooler assemblies are available for AM3?
  • Quiet/silent: This type uses two fans in a push-and-pull setup. This allows the fans to run at a lower speed to produce less sound. Another feature of these setups is a noise adapter. It also has a bearing design that aids in sound dampening.
  • Low profile: This style of CPU cooler can be used in slim computer cases and those that use mini-ITX or other small form factor systems. Low-profile coolers feature a shorter heatsink and fan to allow for cooling in a smaller amount of space.
  • Laptop: This type features a blower fan with the heatsink located alongside the blower fan that is connected by copper piping. The blower fan is located at the laptop’s vent and blows the warm or hot air out of the laptop.
What types of materials are used in cooling fan assemblies?

Copper and aluminum are the most common types of materials used in the heatsink portion of the CPU cooler assembly. Both of these materials are heat conductive and draw the heat away from the CPU. The fan portion of the assembly will be made mostly of a plastic design. The blades and housing are generally plastic with metal bearings and magnets inside to keep the fan blades moving.

How do the different bearings work in CPU coolers?
  • Sleeve: This type of fan bearing uses either an oil or grease lubricant to keep the fan shaft moving during operation. This type of bearing is designed to have lubricant added back into the assembly when needed and is installed horizontally inside the case.
  • Ball: This type can consist of single- and double-ball bearing designs. This type has a sealed system where lubricant is packed with the ball bearings to reduce the friction on the fan’s shaft. This style can be installed in any orientation.
  • Fluid: There are two main types in this category that include both fluid dynamic bearings and hydrodynamic bearings. They are similar to sleeve designs and differ in that the lubricant fluid is sealed in the design and pumped to the surface of the bearing through the grooves.
How do you select a CPU fan for your AM3?
  • Verify processor and motherboard information: This information will be helpful in finding brackets for the CPU cooler assembly that will fit the AM3 socket.
  • Select a fan size: CPU coolers can range in size between 60mm and 150mm in size. Some assemblies may also make use of more than one fan.
  • Select a brand: If you prefer to use an original equipment manufacturer0made CPU cooler, you can choose from those made by AMD. There are also brands that are compatible like Cooler Master, Deepcool, Noctua, and others.