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Go Classic and Chic with the Chanel Boy Bag

Originally introduced in 2011, the Chanel boy bag quickly became one of the luxury retailers most iconic products. The popularity of this accessory skyrocketed as it made a name for itself alongside the classic flap bags of the designer. Although the functionality and distinguishable flap of this handbag remain the same across all of the styles, buyers can choose between a variety of traditional quilted or more trendy chevron patterns.

What distinguishes the boy bag from other Chanel handbags?

Boasting straighter lines than its classic Chanel bag predecessors, the boy bag has cultivated a loyal following. This handbag is intended to convey both a modern and sporty look through its clean design. The classic hardware and wider chain distinguish it from other premium Chanel products. The large front flap gives Chanel the creative license to add a variety of eclectic embellishments and designs.

What materials are used to make these bags?

These classic accessories are constructed with some of the most premium materials in the industry. In addition to the traditional leather craftsmanship and quilted look, Chanel has released limited edition bags in a variety of other materials. Buyers of these products can expect to find choices such as:

  • Python snakeskin detailing
  • Lambskin
  • Calfskin
What should you look for in hardware choices?

The standard hardware on a Chanel boy bag is a gold or silver buckle. Unlike the Chanel classic flap bag, the boy bag boasts a wider chain and darker hardware. Other hardware choices are available on special order, so your eBay bag could also be a limited-edition bag.

What is the difference between old medium and new medium?

The new medium size was introduced shortly after the boy bags were rolled out. The new medium is slightly larger than the old medium style. This style also features additional interior pockets designed to provide extra storage. Be sure to check the exact size specifications on the manufacturers site first, so you know which design you are purchasing. Both sizes are available in classic styles such as quilted or chevron styling.

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