Building Toys

Building Toys

Buildings toys are excellent for helping to nurture a childs creativity, problem-solving abilities, and gross motor skills. There are several brands of building sets for infants, preschool, and school-age kids. These hands-on toys allow children to use their imagination by interlocking building pieces to create large sculptures.

What are some notable brands of toys for building?

There are more than a dozen brands that offer creative building blocks and interlocking sets for all ages. You can choose from colorful construction toys, such as block sets, designed to help kids build their own unique masterpieces. Many of the connecting toys are based on character themes. Here are some common brands.

  • LEGOs: Founded in 1932, Lego offers numerous connecting toys for boy and girl builders. The brand name is the abbreviation for "leg godt," which means "play well." Legos are plastic bricks of a variety of shapes and figurines that allow children to build tower constructions or character sets. Some of Legos most common themed sets are Star Wars, DC Super Heroes, Ninjago, Dimensions, Disney, and BrickHeadz.
  • Mega Brands: Mega Brands was formerly called Mega Bloks. This company offers connecting sets that include figurines of cartoon and movie characters, such as Despicable Me, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Pokemon, American Girl, Barbie Dreamtopia, and Monster High. Mega Brands also sell Mega Construx building toys with action figures for boys and girls.
  • KNex: KNex is another brand of building toys that offers themed sets of some of your favorite animated characters, like Super Mario, Lincoln Logs, and My Little Pony. KNex building sets include rods and connectors to build elaborate models. The KNex Education toys for building are ideal for classrooms that study STEM topics.

Which building toys are designed for infants and toddlers?

Some building sets may include small pieces that are not suitable for infants and toddlers. These age groups should play with larger building toys because they are prone to putting smaller pieces in their mouths. Each brand that offers toys for kids to build includes the recommended ages for each set listed on the box.

Where can you find the instructions for character sets?

Each box of toys for building should include detailed instructions with pictures. The images will show you the types of blocks you need to build each stage of the construction. Simply follow the instructions when starting until you complete the entire construction. As with all building toys, you can detach the bricks and rebuild again.

Choosing Kids Building Toys

Building toys and blocks arent just fun for kids to play with. They have benefits that not only help kids develop hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, and motor skills, but these types of toys encourage creativity and imagination by letting children create their own designs from scratch and implement them. Building toys come in different types, and are often categorized by brand, age group, and what characters or sets are available.

What Are Some LEGO Toys to Consider?

One of the most known brands in building blocks is LEGO. Launched in 1932 in Denmark, it has not only been producing blocks and sets since then, the commercially successful company has characters that have been made into movies, produced numerous types of merchandise, and offers sets that correspond with different movies and TV shows for kids. There are also adult LEGO sets.

  • The Creator series of LEGO building sets are geared towards older builders, aged 18 and up. They usually have numerous pieces and come in large sizes, and you can build large models like the Taj Mahal or Palace Cinema.
  • LEGO Architecture building designs are challenging for builders aged 12 and over. Many replicate famous landmarks, such as Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty.
  • Enhanced sets add even more excitement to building comes in the form of the Technic series, which allows builders to advance their skills by creating elaborate designs that can actually move, gears that turn, and cars that can race. There are different sets for various ages.

What Building Toys Are Appropriate for Young Children?

Using bricks to construct imaginary and realistic creations isnt just for older kids, teens, and adults. Get little ones in on the action from the start with these designs meant for smaller hands.

  • Toys for kids include the LEGO City series, which kids as young as 3 can engage in successfully. The blocks are bigger and the sets have fewer pieces for ease of building.
  • Make it a breeze for kids to build with Magna-Tiles. Unlike the interlocking design of LEGOs, these fit together with magnetic pieces and come in different designs, colors, and sets with easy-to-follow directions.
  • DUPLO sets are made by the LEGO brand and meant for young builders as young as 1 year old. Colorful, big, and fun, they allow infants to begin creating early on.

What Brands Make Building Toys and Sets for Kids?

Youll run across a few brands while browsing for the right building blocks for a specific age range.

  • LEGO makes sets geared towards kids of all ages that include characters like Batman, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman, and compatible minifigures add to construction play.
  • Check out KNEX for educational sets that focus on everything from STEM to creating rollercoasters. This brand also makes Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, old-fashioned blocks that are still a joy to play with.
  • ZOOB makes blocks for older kids with differently-sized pieces that can create endless buildings or designs to enrich the imagination.

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