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Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Fragrances for Women

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The right fragrance can light you up with the confidence you need for whatever the day brings you. Circus Fantasy is a womens fragrance that was introduced in 2009 and inspired by Britney Spears Circus Tour.

What notes are used in Circus Fantasy perfume?

The top notes of this womens fragrance are raspberry with a subtle apricot blossom scent. The middle notes are blue peony and water lily, blended with red sweetheart orchid. The base notes are earthy vanilla wood and creamy musk, with a touch of violet candy.

How should Circus Fantasy be applied?

  • Preparation: Eau de parfum fragrances are often far more effective on clean, hydrated skin. If you dont use a moisturizing cream or oil in the shower, apply an unscented or lightly scented body lotion. Perfumes are more likely to cling to skin thats smooth and soft, not dry and rough.
  • Clothing: Spritz prior to dressing to avoid stains or wet spots on your clothing.
  • Application: Hold the bottle 5 to 7 inches away from your body. If your skin gets wet from the spray, the perfume bottle is too close. Apply the fragrance to your pulse points - areas where blood vessels are close to the skin like your neckline, collarbone, and knees - as the extra heat can give the fragrance a boost.

How can you make Circus Fantasy last longer?

  • Vaseline: Use a dab of Vaseline on your pulse points before applying your scent. Vaselines composition, which is occlusive, allows the fragrance to release gradually.
  • Dont rub your wrists: Many women rub their wrists together after applying perfume to distribute the scent, but this will actually force the top notes to vanish much faster.
  • Walk into the cloud: For a lighter fragrance, spritz perfume up in the air and walk into the mist. The scent will distribute evenly across your body, leaving you with just a hint of fragrance.

How should Circus Fantasy perfume be stored?

The structure of perfume is delicate, and care should be taken in storing it. Keep your fragrance in a dark location because direct sunlight can damage the scent. Heat will also reduce its potency in the bottle, as it breaks down the perfume’s chemical structure. Cool, not cold, temperatures are recommended. Keep your Circus Fantasy perfume on a shelf or area where its not likely to tumble off and break the bottle.

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