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Bogner Men's Coats, Jackets & Vests

Bogner Mens Coats and Jackets

Bogner offers golf and ski apparel, including pants, shirts, ski pants, golf pants, golf shirts, and sports gear. Bogner men’s coats and jackets are grouped into ski jackets, golf jackets, and fashion jackets. Their fashion jackets are further categorized into styles like hybrids, lightweights, down jackets, down vests, coats, sports coats, and more.

What are the different Bogner coat and jacket styles available?

There are a large variety of Bogner jacket and coat styles available for men, including overcoats and bombers. Bogner also offers collections like the Bogner Fire + Ice collection, the Bogner Man collection, the Bogner Sport Ski collection, and the Bogner Sport Golf collection. Here are additional options:

  • Baseball: This type of jacket typically comes with a zipper that runs all the way up and, oftentimes, has sleeves that are a slightly different color than the rest of the jacket.
  • Bomber: This type of mens jacket has been designed to mirror the look of military and aviation jackets. It typically comes with a thick lining that consists of sheepskin.
  • Parka: This large and lengthy mens coat, often, comes with a hood and includes some insulation. The Bogner Ski jacket is an example.
  • Overcoat: This is a coat that extends below the knees. The Down Parka Yann is an example. It can be hooded or not.
  • Duffel coat: These Bogner coats are any coats that are made from duffel, which is a type of wool.
Which materials are these Bogner jackets made from?

These Bogner coats and jackets are crafted from a large selection of materials, ranging from 100% wool to cotton. Bogner ski apparel tends to be heavier while Bogner golf apparel tends to be lighter. Kere are a few options:

  • Polyester: This is a synthetic and man-made fiber. An example is the Bogner Golf Jacket All Weather Dale-T, which is 100% polyester.
  • Leather: This all-natural fabric can come from different animal hides. It can also be dyed different colors. The Bogner Leather Jacket Roy-L, for example, is 100% calfskin.
  • Cotton: The Short Coat Edward is an example of a coat that is 71% cotton and 29% polyamide.
  • Nylon: This material is thin. An example is the Red Nylon Full Zip jacket.
What are some features available with these jackets?

These coats and jackets are equipped with several different features. For instance, many include insulation. Additional features available with some of this outerwear include heated lining and a removable liner.

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