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Body Glove Cases/Covers for iPhone 5

Protect Your iPhone 5 With a Body Glove Case

The Body Glove company produces accessories for electronics such as the iPhone. A case from this brand is designed to offer your iPhone 5 protection and insulation from shocks or impacts if you accidentally drop your phone in a parking lot or on a hard surface like your kitchen floor. Knowing what types, materials, features, and designs are available for these cases may help you narrow your search and find the product that is right for you.

What types of cases are available for the iPhone 5?

Some common types of iPhone 5 cases you might encounter during your search include:

  • Fitted: These types of cases usually fit over your iPhone directly like a second layer. These cases are usually slim.
  • Housing: Housing cases are designed to provide paneling and openings for some of the accessories your iPhone 5 uses, such as the battery panel or the camera lens.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid case usually includes at least two layers of protection for your iPhone. The outer layer is usually made of a hard, rigid material. It is followed by an inner layer that is formed from a softer, more flexible material.
  • Clip: Clip cases include an attachment designed to allow you to carry your iPhone on your belt.
Can you leave your iPhone in the case?

You may wish to use some of your phones features without taking it out of the hard or soft case. Many cases have open fronts that allow you to interact with your iPhones touch screen, make calls to friends and family, or listen to music without needing to remove the device from the case. Some cases may cover the front part of your phone but include a way to lift the front cover. Many of these products include cutouts that give you access to buttons like volume control or features like the camera while the phone is still in the case.

How do you choose a Body Glove iPhone case?

If you need some broad categories to help you find the case that is right for your needs or sense of style, you may find the following examples helpful:

  • Choose type: You may wish to choose from fitted or hybrid cases.
  • Choose material: Cellphone cases can be made from rigid materials such as plastic or softer gel composites.
  • Choose color: You can find cases in colors such as red, black, white, blue, green, or orange.
  • Choose finish: You may prefer a case with a glossy, matte, or jeweled exterior.
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