• Taming and Training Macaws

    Book details: This book is for people who desire to keep a macaw for a pet. Because of their size and intelligence, macaws require much more training than the average caged bird.
    PHP 160.00
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  • Training African Grey Parrots

    Book details: One of the most desirable attributes of pet parrots is their talent for mimicry. A truly good talking parrot is a source of pleasure and pride for the owner.
    PHP 160.00
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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Lovebirds

    Book details: A pet of any kind is entitled to good care, and this book tells and shows how to provide that good care.
    PHP 180.00
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  • Care of the Wild Feathered & Furred (Animal Care – veterinary) birds & animals

    Book details: Probably the most highly praised guide ever written to treating, feeding and housing injured birds and wild animals.
    PHP 195.00
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  • The Professional’s Book of Budgerigars

    Book details: This book is a comprehensive and beautiful book that provides all of the information that is necessary for the proper feeding, care, and breeding of these popular pet birds.
    PHP 380.00
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  • BirdsRus 2 Play toys for the price of one

    PHP 350.00
    From Philippines
    PHP 25.00 shipping

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