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Bird Radio Communication Meters

Common Questions and Answers About Bird Wattmeters

When you need to measure the amount of power on a communications signal line, the tool you reach for is a wattmeter. Bird is a manufacturer of a variety of wattmeters designed for the communications industry that fill most engineering and maintenance testing needs for analog and digital signal lines. Find these radio communication meters on eBay.

What Bird wattmeter models are available?

Bird makes over a dozen different wattmeter models that are designed for different uses and situations. Below is a list of models that are widely available on eBay.

  • Model 43: This is Birds general-purpose wattmeter designed to measure CW field power from 100 mW to 10 KW in the 450kHz to 2.7 GHz frequency range.
  • Model 4308: This is a wattmeter specially designed for cellular signals between 440 MHz and 960 MHz.
  • AMP-16: Birds average reading power meter is designed to measure power in digital signals found in PCS, cellular, and ESMR communications systems.
  • Model 4410A: This is a multi-power wattmeter equipped with a 9V battery to allow a high level of power measurement accuracy. It measures power readings between 300 mW and 1 KW or 2 W to 10 KW in FM frequencies ranging from 200 kHz to 2.3 GHz.
  • Model 4391A: This is Birds PEP-dual element power analyst that measures both peak pulse power and peak envelope power. Its designed for air navigation aids like ATC or other pulsed RF signals. It measures from 100 mW to 10 KW in a frequency range of 0.45 to 2700 MHz.
What kinds of Bird wattmeter spare parts are available?

Spare parts and accessories offered on eBay for Bird wattmeters are plentiful. Below is a list of the some of the more common items you can find to make repairs or rebuild a used Bird wattmeter.

  • QC connectors
  • Line sections
  • Meter faces
  • Blank dummy slug elements
  • Samplers
  • 10W elements for 25-60 MHz
  • 25W elements for 200-500 Mhz
  • 2500W elements for 2-30 MHz
  • Universal coaxial adapter kits
  • Dummy load resistors
What is a wattmeter?

As generic testing devices, wattmeters are used to measure the power amplitude of electromagnetic currents. Typically, they are used in the communications industry to measure the power levels found in signal lines. Some wattmeters are designed for use in digital communications equipment like cellular phone systems, while others are designed for the analog signals found in RF coaxial lines. The accuracy of wattmeters is sometimes enhanced with a method that requires a power supply such as a battery.

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