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Balenciaga Casual Shoes for Men

Balenciaga Mens Fashion Sneakers

Balenciaga began selling their goods in 1919. The business endured through the Spanish Civil War and World War II, after which the designer started innovating his designs. This made the brand more popular and came to be known as one of the forerunners in the fashion industry and is still a household signature designer name. They expanded their inventory to include, not just coats, dresses, and bags, but also shoes for both men and women. Now, one of their popular collections are the Balenciaga mens sneakers and trainers.

What Kind of Balenciaga Mens Sneakers Are Available?

There are two types of Balenciaga sneaker closures: lace-up and slip-ons. Still, each pair of shoe has a different design that sets it apart from its fellow sneakers. You can find different lace designs, high-top, mid-top, and low-top quarters––the posterior part of the shoe. One thing that shows the Balenciaga touch is the cushioned, chunky, platform sneakers designs for both men and women. Here are some of their mens models:

  • Balenciaga Arena Mens White Extra Blanc Leather Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Iridescent Blue Mixed Media Low Trainers
  • Balenciaga Speed Stretch-Knit Trainers
  • Balenciaga Mens Triple S Mesh Trainer Dad Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Monochrome Nubuck High Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Arena Black Leather Sneakers

Which Balenciaga Sneakers Are Hard to Find?

Balenciaga menswear is already difficult to acquire since they are more famously known for their custom designs and exclusive bags. Its not easy to find some models of Balenciaga shoes because they are not in circulation anymore. Mens footwear are even more difficult because they are not the core products of Balenciaga. Even so, here are some of the most sought after models of Balenciaga shoes.

  • Balenciaga By Demna Gvasalia Military Combat Boots
  • Balenciaga Triple S Ecru Low-top Trainers in White
  • Balenciaga Race Runner Shoes
  • Classic Cross Calf Leather Sandals
  • Balenciaga Knit Speed Sock Triple Black Trainers
  • Mens Balenciaga Arena Two-tone Low-top Sneaker
  • Balenciaga Paris Mens Low Top Patchwork Leather Neoprene Mesh Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Arena Gray Suede Sneakers - Holiday 2015

What Are the Trademark Attributes of Balenciaga Mens Sneakers?

Just like with Balenciagas other products like coats, bags, and t-shirts, you will always find the embossed logo of the brand somewhere on the product. When it comes to shoes, the brand is not as obvious because it is not usually placed outside of the shoes. Heres what you need to look for when checking for original Balenciaga shoes.

  • First, look at the box. Even the shoe box is impeccable with hardly any damage to the print. If there is, check to see if its due to delivery and not from bad packaging.
  • Check the details on the stickers as well to see if it matches the contents.
  • Even the filter paper makes a big difference. The writing on fake filter paper is larger than the ones inside the original boxes.
  • The dustbags also differ because the Balenciaga logo should be in the middle.
  • Real Balenciaga sneakers also offer extra high quality laces.
  • Compare the colors with the original models on Balenciagas catalog or website. If the colors differ, you have a fake.
  • The pulltab of the sneakers are also bent forward. Fake ones stick up because of the rigid material used instead of the soft leather Balenciaga is known for.
  • You should also check the stitching. Balenciaga always has perfect stitching. Any products that are less than perfect are not sold on the market.
  • The insole code is also almost hidden. With fakes, they are a little higher.
  • The insole design and quality is also the easiest thing to look for. The Balenciaga insoles are much higher in quality and have cleaner embossed logos.

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