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Axxess Steering Wheel Control Wire Harness

Learning About Axxess Steering Wheel Control Interfaces

Steering wheel audio controls are extremely convenient. Unfortunately, upgrading your stereo system from a factory radio can render those controls obsolete without a wiring harness. A wiring harness allows you to retain use of your steering wheel controls even with a new audio system.

What features does the Axxess steering adapter offer?

An Axxess harness can do more than retain steering wheel controls. While some wire harnesses can only be used with non-amplified systems, others can actually add an amp to your stereo system or factory radio. They can also add backup cameras, navigation, and remote start capabilities to the steering interface of your vehicle. An Axxess wiring harness provides vehicle navigation outputs such as a parking brake, speed sense, and blind spot detection. The interfaces can connect your system with phones, iPods, and USB cables. USBs can be used to charge devices or to update the interface software.

What types of radios will the Axxess wiring harness read?

The Axxess interface reads analog and digital signals. This capability increases your vehicles audio options. Radio exists in analog signals as traditional AM and FM and digital signals as HD radio. The ability to listen to both allows you to enjoy your standard car radio as well as specialized broadcasts for news, sports, and specific music genres.

How do you install an Axxess wiring harness?

Ideally, you should install the steering wheel harness at the same time that you install your stereo. If you have already installed a new radio, you can still attach the wire harness. It is highly recommended to follow installation instructions specific to your vehicle and audio system; however, the installation process will generally require these steps:

  • Step 1: Remove your aftermarket stereo from your vehicle.
  • Step 2: Cut some of the wires in your vehicle.
  • Step 3: Solder the attached wires to ensure a secure connection.
  • Step 4: Plug the Axxess interface into the steering wheel input on the stereo.
Will an Axxess adapter work in any vehicle?

The wiring harnesses install into many stereo systems. Matching systems have a plug specifically for installation of the Axxess wire. However, wiring harnesses are not universal, and some vehicles are not compatible with any adapters. Be sure to research the adapters that will work well with your vehicle to ensure easy installation. If the Axxess wire harness will not easily connect to your radio system, an additional harness will be required.

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