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Arri 16mm Movie Cameras

Optimize Your Next Film With Arri 16mm Movie Cameras

Thanks to digital technology, anyone with a smart phone can record high-quality videos. For many movie buffs, however, nothing can replace the aesthetic of film stock. Filmmakers interested in using real film stock to shoot their projects often choose Arri 16mm equipment.

What lines of 16mm equipment does Arri offer?

Since 1975, Arri has released several lines of 16mm film cameras, including the following:

  • Arriflex 16SR: Designed for use with Standard format 16mm film stock, the 16SR line was the brands first foray into 16mm equipment. These cameras are equipped with crystal controlled motors and multidirectional viewfinders. The 16SR2, the second version of the camera, was designed to minimize operational noise. The third version, the 16SR3, is the only version of the mm camera compatible with Super 16 stock mm film. The 16SR3 camera was released in two versions: High Speed and Advanced.
  • Arriflex 416: In 2006, the brand released a new line of 16mm cameras. They are compatible with large diameter lenses and mm film, which distinguishes them from the earlier 16SR line. Theyre designed for use with Super 16 stock film. There are three versions of this camera: the 416, the 416 Plus, and the 416 Plus HS.
What features do the 16SR cameras have?

The 16SR line comes with features such as the following:

  • Lens Mount: The earlier versions of the 16SR come with a bayonet lens mount. Later models come equipped with a PL lens mount, a larger diameter mount that can accommodate select 35mm lenses and film.
  • Coaxial Magazine: The 16SR has a 400 foot coaxial magazine.
  • Mirror Shutter: Each 16SR has a 180-degree mirror shutter, which is designed to stop in the closed position.
  • Running Speeds: The various 16SR options offer differing running speeds. The 16SR3 Advanced model, for example, has a running speed of 5 to 75 frames per second. The 16SR3 High Speed, on the other hand, has a running speed of 5 to 150 frames per second.
What features do the 416 cameras have?

The 416 line has features including the following:

  • Lens Mount: All 416 models come with a PL lens mount.
  • Mirror Shutter: The shutters on 416 models are similar to those used in 35mm equipment, offering a range of 45 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • Video Assist System: This integrated video system provides on-set filmmakers with high-definition film imagery, which helps them to evaluate their work on feature films in real time.
  • Viewfinder: The 35-style viewfinder on the 416 has an eyepiece that can be rotated 360 degres. The viewfinder arm can be extended for left-eye operation.
  • Silent Precision Movement: The 416 has pitch-adjustable pull down, one pull down claw, and one registration pin. This ensures precise movement and quiet film operation.
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