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Apple Wireless Computer Keyboard & Mouse Bundles

How to Find an Affordable Apple Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Every computer system needs a keyboard and a mouse. Wireless options can really clean up your desktop and workspace. When you are looking for an affordable Apple wireless keyboard and mouse bundle, eBay has many options available for you.

Which wireless Apple keyboards are part of the bundle?

There are several styles of wireless keyboards available with an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse bundle. See the list below to determine which keyboard will meet your needs best.

  • Wireless: The first wireless Apple keyboard is battery-powered.
  • Magic: The Magic keyboard is similar to the wireless model, but it requires no batteries. Instead, it charges through a lightning USB cable. However, the cable is for charging purposes only. The keyboard still operates wirelessly.
  • Numeric: The Magic keyboard also comes in a model with a numeric keypad. This is a helpful feature if you will be working with a lot of numbers.
  • Others: There are other compatible brands to choose from, including third-party wireless Apple keyboards and mice. Just be sure that the model has all the functions you are looking for on an Apple keyboard.
Which wireless Apple mouse is part of the bundle?

Several types of wireless mice may be included in your new or used wireless Apple keyboard and mouse bundle.

  • Apple wireless mouse: The original wireless mouse is a single button mouse that uses two AA batteries.
  • Wireless Mighty Mouse: The Mighty Mouse is a multi-button version with a scroll ball.
  • Magic Mouse: The Magic Mouse is a newer version of the wireless mouse. It operates on 2 AA batteries.
  • Magic Mouse 2: The second iteration of the wireless Magic Mouse charges with internal batteries through a USB Lightning connector.
How do you connect a wireless mouse and keyboard?

While the protocol for connecting your new or used Apple wireless mouse and keyboard will vary depending on design, they all operate with various versions of Bluetooth technology. Check the manufacturers specifications to see how your mouse or keyboard connects to your device.

Why do wireless Apple bundles have USB cables?

The newer Apple wireless keyboard and mouse bundles with a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse come with wires for charging and connecting the devices to your Apple products. The devices themselves work through Bluetooth technology. Once your mouse and keyboard are fully charged, you can disconnect the cable and use your devices wirelessly.

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