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Apple Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Apple Desktops & All-In-One Computers for Christmas

If buying a new PC is what tops your Christmas wishlist, you're in luck! eBay has a wide range of Apple desktops and all-in-one computers that you can explore before you begin your holiday shopping. Desktop computers have large monitors, Retina display, speedy processors, and can be conveniently synced with printers, or other Apple devices you may own. If you need something that occupies lesser space and is plug-and-play ready, all-in-one computers should be your go-to choice. You can choose the RAM size, processor, and hard drive capacity based on your multitasking and storage needs. Apple desktops and all-in-one computers can make a thoughtful choice for a Christmas present for your school- or college-going kids.

What features do desktop computers have?

  • Stationary setups on a table or desk usually include a larger monitor than a laptop or handheld device. A big, Retina Display helps you view and easily use different applications simultaneously for increased productivity.
  • Desktop systems include speedy Intel processors, excellent graphics cards, and ample internal media storage drives that are all ready to go right out of the box. If you like to play games, edit videos, or process raw photos, then youu001all appreciate these powerful advantages.
  • If you already own other Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or a laptop like the MacBook, itu001as a relatively simple process to get all your gear synced and working together with your new computer station.
  • These systems also allow you to easily hook up accessories such as an HP printer, SuperDrive, additional Retina 4K or 5K monitors, or any other components you like without constantly fiddling with power cords and cable connections.

What are the advantages of buying an Apple all-in-one desktop?

  • With an all-in-one desktop computer, both the monitor and the processing hardware are included in a single, enclosed unit. The computer may be housed directly behind the display monitor or located in the base of the unit.
  • All-in-one units are pretty much plug-and-play ready. Just attach a mouse and keyboard, and connect the monitor/computer unit to a power source, and your workstation is ready to go.

Which Apple desktop or all-in-one models are available?

  • iMac u001a The Apple iMac is both a desktop and an all-in-one machine so the monitor, Intel processor, and other internal components are all housed in the same unit. Later models include large Retina screens up to 27 inches, an Intel multicore processor, Thunderbolt ports, and a 1TB or larger hard drive.
  • iMac Pro u001a This new Apple iMac Pro is a high-performance addition to the iMac product line. It includes extreme Intel core processing power along with enhanced graphics capabilities.
  • Mac Pro u001a The Mac Pro is a powerful stand-alone unit the company builds that is intended for heavy-duty processing.
  • Mac Mini u001a The Mac Mini offers a fast Intel core, solid graphics, and a small footprint.

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