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Apple CPU Fan

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple CPU Coolers

Apple is a computer and electronics manufacturer that produces both desktop and laptop computers that run their own Mac operating systems (OS). CPU cooling fans help to keep your processor cool while it is running calculations. When you need to find a replacement fan, there are different types and styles available for your device.

What types of CPU coolers are available?

  • Desktop: Desktop CPU coolers will feature a cooling fan attached to a radiator or heatsink. The heatsink will be mounted on top of the processor, and the cooler will fit on top where it cools down the metal.
  • Laptop: Laptop CPU coolers feature a cooling, low profile fan that fits over the processor. The cooler will blow the warm air out the back of the laptop through the vent.
  • Liquid-cooled: Liquid-cooled systems will have the fan located away from the processor. A plate with piping is attached to the CPU and is filled with coolant. The coolant is pumped to a radiator that has fans attached to cool the liquid. This cooled liquid is then sent back to the CPU.

How do you select a CPU Cooler?

  • Select a voltage type: Five volts will be used on laptop Apple models, while 12 volts will be used on the larger desktop models. With the voltage, you will also want to check the motherboard to see how many pins are needed to power the cooler.
  • Choose a brand: If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer replacement fans, you will want to choose from those made by Apple. There are also other branded and unbranded options available as well.
  • Select a type: The form factor of the fan will vary depending on the model of your Apple computer. Different types of fans have different noise levels.

What are the different parts of a CPU fan?

  • Fan: This component of the CPU cooler system get its power supply from the motherboard and moves the warm CPU air away from the processor socket.
  • Heatsinks: This metal part of the cooling assembly uses a series of fins connected to the processor to wick away the heat. These fins are exposed to the air where the heat is transferred.
  • Pipes: Some heatsinks will have additional liquid-filled piping that moves heat away from the processor.
  • Exhaust: Laptops will have a radiator that has exposure to the outside of the laptop. This part will have a blower that pushes the hot air out of the exhaust.

What is a processor cage?

A processor cage is featured on the desktop models from Apple. This enclosure fits over the processor and has a cooler at the front and back of the enclosure to aid in cooling the CPU. These blades will be connected to the motherboard, and one will pull in cooler air while the other pushes out warm air.

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