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Sway Bars for Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV that offers plenty of cargo space, visibility, and four-wheel drive, which makes this Toyota vehicle good for a wide variety of driving conditions. Because of the four-wheel drive, cargo space, and higher clearance, the RAV4 is commonly used for off-road use, and having the proper sway bar setup on your RAV4 is critical for optimal performance. Sway bars come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, stiffness ratings, and more, ensuring you can find the perfect setup for your driving style and needs.

What are the components of a Toyota RAV4 sway bar?

Sway bars are generally shaped in the form of a U, and they connect one axle on your RAV4 to the axle on the opposite side. These parts are an integral piece to the Toyotas suspension, and they work to reduce the tilt of the cars body. Each end link of the sway bar is connected to the axle with a bushing. The end link is connected to the anti-sway bar.

What different size and rigidity options are available for Toyotas?
  • Size: The size of these pieces varies in diameter, and the thicker the sway bar, the more rigidity it provides. A sway bar can range in size from between around 24 and 35 millimeters. Generally, the front sway bar will be thicker than the rear sway bar.
  • Construction: A sway bar on a Toyota can either be solid or hollow in construction. A hollow sway bar provides more flexibility, while a solid sway bar will decrease the body roll of your Toyota and provide a stiffer composition.
  • Length: A sway bar can also differ in overall length. Longer models provide an increased lever arm length, which allows for more flexibility. This allows the RAV4 to roll slightly more, which can help increase tire surface area contact on rougher road conditions but can limit cornering ability at higher speeds. On the other hand, a shorter lever arm will cause a stiffer ride.
What is the purpose of sway bars on a RAV4?

A sway bar is designed to perform two specific functions by altering the way the suspension of this SUV performs.

  • Limiting body roll: A sway bar is connected to both sides of the vehicle, and it acts to maintain the vehicle in a generally level position. This part helps to keep your RAV4 from tipping over when going over bumps, around turns, and during other driving scenarios.
  • Handling balance: A sway bar is also designed to help reduce oversteer or understeer behavior. This piece can be adjusted to shift more load towards either the front or rear axle. This load shift can help to correct any mishandling issues that your SUV may be experiencing.
What is an adjustable sway bar?

An adjustable sway bar allows you to fine tune your vehicle depending on the driving conditions you are faced with. These models can be adjusted either externally or from inside the vehicle. Adjustable models are commonly used for racing purposes, but they can provide an easy and effective way to specifically tune the roll stiffness or fine-tune cornering on different road surfaces.