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Sway Bars for Toyota 4Runner

Whether you take your Toyota 4Runner off-road or push it to its limits on the streets, front and rear sways bars can make a significant difference in handling. How your Toyota corners, how much body roll you experience, and even how the suspension of your vehicle feels overall are meaningfully impacted by your sway bar choice. You’ll discover a broad selection to choose from and be able to pick the premium part that delivers the driving behavior you want out of your SUV.

What are Toyota 4Runner sway bars?

How your Toyota SUV behaves when cornering depends on many factors, including weight transfer, suspension stiffness, and torsional torques. All of these factors aren’t only affected but shaped by the presence and rigidness of a sway bar, which is a relatively simple part that connects the sides of a vehicle together. Most Toyota 4Runner models are equipped with a front sway bar stock and can be upgraded with an aftermarket rear sway bar.

What’s the difference between an OEM and aftermarket sway bar?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In this context, an OEM part has been manufactured or licensed by Toyota. Aftermarket sway bars for the Toyota 4Runner are created by many different companies and are often design to provide better-than-stock performance or to alter stock handling characteristics. Some of the prevalent brands for Toyota SUVs include the following:

  • TRW
  • Addco
  • Duralast
  • Valucraft
  • Rare Parts
Is a Toyota 4Runner sway bar sized by model?

This is the usual way to pick out a rear or front sway bar, but you could take the measurements of the part and choose in that manner instead. Nevertheless, if you own a 2016 SR5, for instance, then you could just choose a part that supports that particular model. Many aftermarket suspension parts are sold based on the following factors:

  • Model year
  • Model name
  • Any special trim designations
How do you choose the right sway bars for a Toyota SUV?

To determine which sway bar is the right part for you, you need to either determine how much wheel clearance or stiffness you prefer. These two characteristics are in balance with each other. The more wheel clearance you have, the less stiff the suspension will be at that end of the truck. The more rigidity you have, the less wheel clearance you’ll experience at that end.

Can the front and rear have different characteristics?

Many Toyota 4Runner vehicles come stocked with a stiffer forward end and more back-end articulation. You can maintain that balance in your vehicle. Alternatively, you may strive for a stiffer back end for on-road purposes or opt for a looser front end for off-road purposes.