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Aluminum Camera Hard Cases

Aluminum Cases to Keep Your Camera Safe

You can choose from several different aluminum camera cases with a variety of features. Camera cases feature a range of different locks, seals, protection features, and interiors. Cases typically have different interior designs, with some products featuring foam inserts and dividers.

What are some of the different case styles available?

Several different case styles are offered, including toolbox, roller, and briefcase styles. Select cases may feature a foam lining on their interiors. In addition, products may have two snap-on clips for sealing the case and a handle for carrying. Products have different color schemes, such as a blue exterior on the faces of a case, with silver edges and a black handle. Roller cases feature retractable handles and may also include a reinforced shoulder strap. The retractable handles offered may come in silver with a black case body.

What are some of the interior and exterior features available?

Some of the aluminum camera cases offered feature dividers and specific inserts while others do not. Aluminum hard cases come in a variety of sizes such as 18.1 x 13 x 6 inches and may or may not feature premade dividers on the inside. These products sometimes feature foam inserts that can be cut to fit your cameras specifications. These cases may also feature reinforced metal on the corners of the case and a carrying strap for easy transportation around town or on set. The Promethean aluminum hard case for DSLR cameras features interior foam dividers that can be reshaped by users. Cases feature hard exteriors with some additional protection options in select cases. Products may also feature water-resistant materials on their exteriors for added protection against the elements. The inclusion of specific equipment protection features varies based on the product.

What are the main colors available for camera cases?

A range of colors for product bodies are available. Cases may feature different colored handles and edges depending on the specific model. Aluminum hard cases offered are available in a range of styles, with some featuring black faces and silver edges. These cases may have handles in colors of black and silver. Some cases, such as the Zero Halliburton Aluminum Camera Case or the Ape Case Aluminum Camera Case, only feature a single color. Some models that are offered feature only the color silver on the facing, handle, and edges. The availability of specific color schemes varies on a product-by-product basis. Some of the colors included are:

  • Various shades of light and dark blue
  • Black with various trims and edging
  • Light and dark silver
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