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Keep Your Laptop CPU Temperature Low with an ASUS CPU Fan

Laptops can get quite hot even when used for short periods of time, which can lead to other problems such as slowing down performance or even causing damage. If youve ever used a notebook on your lap for long periods of time, its likely youve noticed how hot the device gets after extended use. With adequate temperature control using an ASUS CPU fan, your notebook can stay cool even after extended use.

How do you pick the right fan for your laptop?

With thousands of models on the market, theres almost no limit to the number of options available. Temperature control is particularly important in a notebook due to the enclosed space, so picking the right model for your device is essential.

  • Size and shape: With such a limited amount of space inside a notebook, the size and shape of your fan will be key. Many notebooks have a specific location where the CPUs temperature control can take place, and your product will need to fit inside it.
  • Heatsink: Some products come equipped with heatsink. Again, the form factor will play a large role here. In many cases, the heatsink is a huge part of temperature control for a notebooks processor.
  • Pins: This is the connection the product uses to communicate with your motherboard. It needs to match, otherwise, the device cant receive power or temperature information from the CPU. Make sure the pins on the product you are purchasing match those on your device.
What is a CPU fan?

For most notebooks, temperature control is left almost entirely up to a heatsink and cooling device combination. A computers processor and graphics unit produce an incredible amount of heat during operation. Often these temperatures can exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit without adequate cooling. To ensure proper temperature control, these devices absorb and disperse excess heat during operation.

Will this CPU fan work with your notebook?

Whether or not a given product will work with your notebook depends on a number of factors, including size, shape, pin count, and manufacturer. Some products will be able to fit into a range of devices and others will be more specialized. Check for compatibility and be sure the product youre purchasing is compatible with your device.

Can you find CPU fans with water coolers?

Some notebooks are designed with water cooling in mind during production. Others have enough extra space and flexibility to include a small water cooling system inside their case. While most products will just be a small unit attached to a heatsink with a fan, some notebooks may be able to take advantage of the extra cooling provided by a water-assisted system.

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