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58mm Circular Camera Lens Filters

Develop Creative Images With 58mm Circular Camera Lens Filters

Professional and semi-professional photographers carry a variety of filters with them when they go on an assignment because having the correct filter determines how creative and successful an image may be. Circular 58mm lens filters fit cameras with a 58mm lens diameter or a 58mm circular lens adapter. Camera lens filters are many, and the type you have may determine how creative and successful your image will be.

What are UV filters?

UV (Ultraviolet) filters absorb 90% of the suns UV light. When a UV filter removes some of the UV light, it reduces the haze in the atmosphere which in turn produces a clearer image. Most importantly, UV filters also protect the lens. Direct and/or strong sunlight will damage the lens and internal digital settings. This is why UV filters are the first filters purchased with a new camera lens. UV filters are categorized according to their absorption rate.

  • L39 UV filter: This absorbs 90% UV at 390nm light spectrum and below.
  • L41 UV filter: This absorbs 90% UV at 410nm light spectrum and below.
  • NXT UV filter: This is made of 6 layers of multi-coatings and transmits 97.5% light.
What is a neutral density filter?

Neutral density (ND) filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens by 10 full stops. This reduction in light causes a blurred effect. Moreover, an ND filter allows the photographer to use a wider aperture to create a more shallow depth of field. ND filters come in three types:

  • Traditional ND: These reduce light one to three stops.
  • IRND: These control the amount of infrared light & produce the most natural color balance.
  • VND: These produce three to nine stops of light reduction in one filter.
What is a polarizing filter?

Polarizing filters block reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, and light reflecting from moisture and pollution in the atmosphere. Polarizing filters rotate to control the desired amount of filtration. You can visualize the desired effect while you rotate it. In addition, polarizing filters reduce shine and allows for natural colors to be seen. There are two types of polarizing filters:

  • Standard High-Quality: Reduces light by 1.5 to 2.5 stops.
  • HRT (High Rate Transparency): Reduces light by 2/3 to 1 2/3 stops.
What are filter kits?

Filter kits come as sets of three. Most kits include a pouch or box to keep the filters safe. Other kits include a lens hood, cloth, and cleaner. Some of the most popular filter kits are listed below:

  • 58mm Macro Close Up Set + UV CPL FLD + ND Filter Kit
  • 58MM UV / CPL Polarizer / FLD Filter Kit + Lens Hood
  • 58mm UV CPL ND4 Circular Polarizing Filter Kit + Lens Hood