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4K Computer Monitors

Choosing the Right 4K Monitor for Your Needs

Whether you use your computer for work or play, the monitor you choose impacts your enjoyment. Many computer users require the sharper, crisper image 4k monitors provide. These devices include USB and HDMI ports to accommodate multimedia connections. They come with a built-in stand, or you can use them with a separate monitor stand.

What to consider when shopping for a 4K monitor

Your ideal computer screen depends on whether you typically use your system for general, recreational use, gaming, or as a work computer. Consider the following factors when shopping for 4K monitors:

  • Response time
  • Refresh rate
  • Color accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Resolution
  • Curved or flat design
  • The computer's graphics card
Important aspects of 4K monitors

You need a 4k monitor with low response time and quick refresh rate if you use your system for gaming. Color accuracy and crispness top the list of concerns if you use the computer for photo, graphic, or video editing or for architectural or urban planning design or GIS. If you're outfitting a home computer for general use, you should opt for a high-contrast VA panel. Consider a 4K computer screen if you're planning to use the system to watch digital television.

How does each aspect of a 4K monitor affect its output?Check the pixel density of the monitor. A minimum quality level of 109 pixels per inch (ppi) produces a high resolution. Check the specs as well as the resolution. The greater the number of hertz (Hz), the better the refresh rate. The refresh rate refers to how many times the monitor updates each second. Gamers typically choose 4K monitors with at least 144Hz for a speedy refresh rate. Prioritize response time if you use the computer for gaming. Look for smaller numbers on this factor of between 5ms to 0.5ms.

The panel technology contributes to image quality, especially contrast. TN provides fast response, but poor peripheral quality. IPS responds slightly slower but shows colors better. VA screens provide the best contrast but the slowest response times. A curved 4K monitor increases the field of view while reducing eye strain but can allow glare depending on the angle of view, so a flat screen can perform better from all angles.

The resolution of 4K monitors also contributes to image viewing quality. Expressed in pixels, it describes the screen’s length and width. If you choose a physically monitor of 27 inches or larger, look for a higher resolution monitor. A 4K resolution monitor measures either 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. Consider the graphics card of the computer. The greater the number of pixels, the greater the graphics card processing power needs. Also, check the font-scaling capabilities of the computer’s operating system, typically between 90 to 110 pixels per inch (ppi) for Windows.