14k Yellow Gold Fine Earrings

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing 14k Gold Earrings

A pair of 14k gold earrings is a classic choice that works well with casual, business, or elegant outfits. These earrings are available in many styles, sizes, and types. Choose a pair of 14k gold earrings on eBay that meets your personal preferences for closure type, design, and color.

Styles of 14k gold earrings

There are many styles of earrings made from 14k gold, including:

  • Studs: These consist of a simple shape such as a ball mounted onto a post. They sit flush or protrude slightly from the ear lobe.
  • Hoop: These earrings form a full circle, with part of the circle going through the pierced hole in the ear.
  • Dangle: These earrings drop down from the ear lobe.
  • Huggie: These earrings wrap around the lobe of the ear like a cuff.
Essentials to look for in 14-karat gold earrings

When looking for 14k gold earrings, there are four key properties to consider. The first property is the condition. You may prefer new or used earrings. The second is whether you want a single earring or a pair. The third characteristic to consider is the closure type. There are continuous hoop, levers, butterfly clasps, hinged snap backs, and earring locks. The fourth quality to look for is solid or hollow gold for the posts. Solid posts offer durability, and hollow posts offer a lighter weight.

How do you find the right 14k gold earrings?

There are five features to consider when looking for new 14k gold earrings:

  • Color: The gold is available in rose, yellow, and white.
  • Size: The earrings range in size from 2 millimeters to 10 millimeters thick or wide and 2 millimeters to 20 millimeters in diameter or length.
  • Type: There are huggies, studs, hoops, drop, and dangle earrings available.
  • Finish: Choose earrings with a smooth, cut, carved, or textured finish.
  • With stones: You can choose 14k gold earrings with stones such as diamonds, sapphires, or aquamarines.
When should you choose used 14k gold earrings?

You may want to choose a pair of used earrings made of 14k gold when you want:

  • Vintage style: You may like vintage styles of gold earrings that are no longer made.
  • Lower price: A pair of used gold earrings may cost less than new gold earrings.
  • Unusual gold cuts: Used gold earrings may feature unusual cuts on the gold, such as a diamond pattern or filigree design.